When Joy turns into a joke.

This US election was close. Or at least I thought it was. Like many people around the world, I genuinely thought we were all going to witness history in the making. I thought we were going to see the first female president in US history. I really wanted to feel joy. Turns out that America is not quite ready for the transformation. I can understand that. Change is scary. A lot of healing still required. Instead, we witnessed a different kind of history being made. Like the photos I am about to share. They represent the acceptance that we are waking up to a new America and the future 45th Commander-in-Chief.





I mean, what do we tell our children? Perhaps we can use an analogy. My son loves Joy from the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out (2015)He loves Joy so much that he asked me if I could make her one day. Sorry, I tried my best. He could have chosen any emotion from the movie: Fear, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, or Joy. The movie cleverly introduces children to the subject of emotions by turning them into animated characters. From these characters we learn a valuable life lesson: no matter how much joy there is, sometimes, sadness is the only path to healing.

So we are now faced with sadness. And disappointment. I would really have preferred to share the pictures above in reverse because our little project didn’t end with a joker, it ended with Joy. We merely started out with it as a base.  Then we added some homemade playdough, made with love, and slowly but steadily, worked layer by layer on the transformation. It wasn’t easy. Change takes time but it can happen.

[Photo credit: Rachel Bursey. Toy credit: my son’s Sadness figure]


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