Frankenstein Smoothie

Halloween is a few days away. To get ready for Monday’s festivities I bought three boxes of candy. 255 pieces of candy to be exact. All the kinds I love, just in case we don’t get too many kids and are stuck with leftovers. That’s what I tell myself every year. The boxes are currently sitting on our mantle. Like Halloween decor. But I am not going to eat any of it. Nope. None. They are for the kids. Promise. In fact, I have given myself a small challenge. I am going to try to abstain from candy this Halloween completely.

I am not tricking you when I say this green smoothie is better than any treat I could ever devour. I am sure I drank at least 255ml. I have no idea how many calories were in this but  who really scares? All I know is that it only had 5 ingredients and my candy stash is still unopened, ready for Halloween.

Sure it is Fall and getting wet and chilly. Normally I prefer smoothies in the summer. And yet, I  walked through the door, glimpsed at the mantle and walked straight for the blender, like a bat out of hell. It took me less time to make this smoothie than to unwrap and eat a single mini Twix bar! I already had everything I needed. Even the purple straws that were the inspiration behind naming this smooth and delicious treat.

Frankenstein Smoothie by loopylocks

“Frankenstein Smoothie” by loopylocks
Makes about 2 cups
prep time: as long as it takes you to slowly eat a mini Twix bar

5 Ingredients:
1 banana
1 C unsweetened almond milk
1 small frozen avocado
3 cubes frozen Spinach Ice
1 T peanut butter


The green in the smoothie comes from Spinach Ice that I had made up in the freezer already and a small frozen avocado. Like the frozen spinach, freezing a bag of ripe avocados is brilliant because there is no waste and it makes for a better smoothie. I recently started freezing small avocados that you buy in a mesh bag. They always ripen at the same time so this is a perfect way to use them. This way, you no longer need to add ice. I take the seed out and slice them in quarters. Then I freeze them in snack Ziploc bags. Nice portion control too.

To make your smoothie, add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend on high until smooth. Pour in your favourite glass.

Tip – soak the blender immediately after you pour your drink and rinse your glass when you are done… dry smoothie is no treat to clean. Enjoy!

*    *    *    *

If any of you are interested in why the radical ban on candy, I was reading a pretty interesting book by Gretchen Rubin (author of the popular book, The Happiness Project) called Better Than Before which looks at habits and the tendencies we demonstrate when it comes to making and breaking them. Just last night I got to the part of the book about ‘desire, ease and excuses’ and the ways we can foster the habits we want versus the habits that we would rather leave behind.

Thanks to Gretchen, I now know I have a new label for myself. I have a tendency to oblige. I suspect this tendency to oblige may be the case in many a homemaker, who’s job description implies putting everyone’s needs and wants (external expectations) before thinking of themselves (internal expectations). Gretchen’s recommendation for the likes of us obligers is to hold ourselves accountable. You see, we obligers don’t like to disappoint.

Nice challenge. Count me in. I already posted the following picture below on Instagram because social media is as external as I can think of. Now I am not suggesting I am not going to indulge. I am just going to bait and switch my desire to something like a smoothie. So here’s my bait:

Halloween candy challenge by loopylocks

… and here’s the switch…

Frankenstein Smoothie by loopylocks

Now back to the book. I’m about to read about “Safeguards” Wish me luck!



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