5 Reasons Halloween is freaking amazing

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, becomes a hero in our house of epic proportion. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween. Halloween…” So Yes, Halloween is freaking amazing. I dare to go a step further and confess that Halloween has perhaps stolen my affection. It is currently higher in my mind than Christmas. There, I said it. Call me The Grinch. I really do not mean to be mean, its just that it is simple common sense. And for that reason, here are 5 reasons Halloween is quite possibly cooler than Christmas:

  1. You do not have to spend lots of time and energy shopping for gifts. No looking for that perfect gift that you scour the shops and Amazon for. This craze is reserved for the hunt for the absolute BEST costume ever. Do you make it or buy it? That is the only question you need to ask yourself. OK, this can be a bit stressful especially if you have 4 kids but the costumes over the years have been great fun. And if your kid wants to be Spiderman for the third year in a row, just let them, your wallet will be happier for it.
  2. Your credit card does not go into cardiac arrest. Unless of course you want to go nuts buying the high end costumes. Halloween prep simply requires one well timed candy sale and one quick trip to the grocery store. Just remember to buy the candy you like because you will end up eating it! Or if you want to spare yourself a trip to the dentist and not turn into a manic gym dweller, do the flip side and buy what you do not like.
  3. You do not end up immersed in family politics. Who to visit and on which day? Not a problem. Halloween is only one day. Here is your one chance a year to load up on candy and give it out. No guilt either. You do not have to drive or fly anywhere (unless you really are a witch). The exception is when it lands on a weekend. This is when you can host a big party, or leave your home (with your candy) and visit friends or family.  Your kids have more fun this way as they can all go in a big group.
  4. When the 31st arrives, you get to play Santa! The kids requests are easy peasy. They just want your candy. That’s all. You don’t even have to go down a freaking chimney. They come right to your front door! And if you do not believe in Santa, then no candy for you!
  5. You still get to decorate your home! Whatever your creepy little heart desires. No shame. Generally speaking, Christmas is that time of year when you can break every decorating rule and go nuts. Well the same applies to Halloween. No rules either. So clutter it up, bring out the limbs,cob webs, Lego! Just do us all a favour and stay away from anything clowns!

I have a few staples that get pulled out each year. I tweak them in creative ways from year to year because it makes me feel creepy and neurotic in a good way. Most come from the dollar store or are easy diy’s:

  • I love black bristol board as it stores flat and is dirt cheap. A few years back, I got carried away with ghosts for our windows, bats, cats, witches, haunted houses.
  • Felt crafts are fun because again they are cheap, flat for storage and can be visually quite striking. I put a felt spider web in our dining room round drum lamp chandelier and a pumpkin above our chalkboard on our stairs.
  • Plastic spiders, rats and ping pong eye balls are just silly fun. I have put the eyeballs in a punch before and this year I have them in old bread yeast jars watching our every move in the house. I mean, who does not want spiders and rats in their house?
  • Halloween in our house would not be the same without a witch broom, black and white striped legs and red heels from The Wizard of Oz. This is an easy diy with a pool noodle cut in half and a pair of knee high socks. If the weather is good I put them outside but sometimes I just keep them in because I smile everytime I pass them on the stairs. The shoes were old heels I spray painted red one year for my eldest to dress as Dorothy.
  • And since we are all in for the count, a lightning sphere lamp that we gave our son one year for his bedroom is perfect for this occasion. Adds an austere spooky vibe when the big night comes.
5 Reasons Halloween is Cooler than Christmas
Need a little help? I dare you to raid your kid’s Lego stash for Halloween.

As for the 31st, Halloween brings out the dead of all sorts, ages and sizes. You have the Dads and Mums who show up with their baby or toddler, who clearly cannot eat candy. And yet, they are so cute that you just fill their basket anyways because let’s face it, I don’t know one parent who has not raided their kid’s stash. Best costume I remember was when we had a Dad arrive dressed as a magician with his 4 month old in a rabbit costume in a huge oversized hat.

You get to see your neighbours and all the kids in the neighbourhood that go to your kids school. You recognize their parents who are casually but diligently hanging back on the sidewalk and give a casual wave and smile.

Then you have the teenagers who are way too old to ask for candy. They know it and you know it. But you also know that they have the ability to trick your house good if you don’t put out and there is no way I intend on cleaning my house if it gets egged. So you just give them the “Ok then”, followed by non verbal communication at its best – the eye roll.

You also sometimes get car loads of kids that you know do not live in your neighbourhood. These kids do not have the luxury of living in a home where they can trick or treat from door to door. I remember reading an article about the lady who fessed up and complained that she did not think it was fair. She was vilified. People, remember, you get to play Santa on the 31st, not a real grinch. Santa should never discriminate. Just buy extra candy if your home becomes extra busy. Then it’s a win-win. If less kids show up this year, more candy for you!

So Get Ready to Trick or Treat!


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