Gimme Two Minutes (or how I turn into Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman was born in 1941. That would make her 75 today. Born in the Amazon, she knew something that we can all learn from. In her Amazon, there are no labels. Just women. Strong women. Women who love and women who love each other. Pretty simple really. Women are supposed to look out for each other. To nurture each other. To fight for each other. Warrior women. Willing to fight for peace. Fight for their mothers. Fight for their daughters.

Ask game changer Amy Cuddy, who gave a TED Talk in 2012 about how “your body language shapes who you are”, and author of the bestseller, Presence. Her talk has been watched more than 36 million times. She popularized the idea that you can actually “fake it till you become it”.  How? Two minutes. Power pose like Wonder Woman. Then face the world. Slay. Every day. Cuddy references Wonder Woman several times in her book, my favourite being:

“In fact, many of us – with or without disabilities – find ourselves in situations which we can’t find the space or privacy to power pose before walking into a big challenge. But we can always imagine ourselves as Wonder Woman…”

[Cuddy, Amy (2015). Presence: bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges. New York : Little, Brown and Company]

I now believe it. I have found the space. I have just stood in my laundry room in my basement for two minutes all the while playing Helen Reddy’s song in my head, “I am woman“. You know the one… I am strong. I am invincible. I can do anything. I believe I can slay this laundry like a wonder (*insert profanity) warrior. Bring it. Laundry is the one thing in this house that I can control and conquer and my world will be a better, cleaner, more peaceful place because of it.

I am wonder woman by loopylocks

[Photo credit: Rachel Bursey. Toy credit: Lego Duplo figure owned by her 6 year old son]


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