Kale Cubes

kale cubes by loopylocks

Can I be honest? Kale scares me. It’s one of those superfoods that has made its way into dishes from soups to salads to smoothies. Yet each time I go to the supermarket I walk by the kale and literally imagine it rotting in my fridge because despite my best intentions, it takes up a lot of real estate in my veggie drawer. Then there are the “spines” you are supposed to remove so it is not tough and chewy and then the whole idea takes on a barbaric tone.

So when I started making Spinach Ice for my smoothies I decided it was time to face my fear and experiment in a similar way. I had enjoyed a week of making smoothies with spinach and figured before I ruin a good thing, maybe I should pivot and try another way to get more goodness into my day.

“Kale Cubes” by loopylocks
Makes 24 frozen cubes (3 cups)
prep time: 15 minutes

1 large head of fresh kale
1 C water

Wash the kale. No need to pat dry. Snap the long stalks at the ends and remove those spines I was telling you about. To do this I basically pull the leaf from the bottom to the top as you would if you were removing leaves from fresh thyme or rosemary.

Work in small batches with your blender. Unlike spinach, this takes a bit more patience to puree, especially if you own an old blender like mine. I added 1/2 cup water first and packed the kale to the top. Not a good idea. I had to take most of it out and add back about a 1/3. Gradually add more kale and the rest of the water until you can get the whole head of kale pureed.  You may need to stir to mix between blending. Pour or spoon the puree into your ice tray stirring between filling the cubes so that the puree does not settle. Freeze. Store in a large freezer Ziploc for using whenever you need them.

Tip – Try switching out the water for coconut water when making the cubes for your smoothies. I used water so I could add them to savoury dishes but I think next time I will give this a go.


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