How To: find the best deal ever on Kijiji

I love a good find. It can be from anywhere – a great hand-me-down, a garage sale, a thrift store like Goodwill or Value Village, or online from craigslist or Kijiji. So you can imagine my feeling about the latest acquisition, a gorgeous “brand new” sectional sofa!

This has been a work in progress for over a year. In case you missed it, I am not new to Kijiji. Last January I posted about a stupid New Year’s resolution I made to get rid of our old IKEA Ektorp sofa without having a game plan. Yup. That’s right. Listed it, then had to pull it off Kijiji like a crazy lady when the fload gates of interest poured in. Here is that story.

Fast forward to March 1, 2014. In a moment of crazed retail therapy weakness, in the comfort of my own home, I clicked my Kijiji bookmark that strategically lives on my laptop toolbar… I searched for two words only: “sectional sofa”.

What I found was just about magic. The listing read: “BRAND NEW SECTIONAL – NEVER EVEN SAT ON”

Could it be true? Better yet, it was purchased from EQ3, a prominent Canadian furniture store. A place I could only imagine buying maybe a pillow at. So what could possibly be wrong with it? Apparently it did not fit in the owners space and because it was a custom order, they could not return it. Oh dear. I am a sucker for cliches. My new favourite: “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure”. I did not skip a beat. I dug right in to this listing, after all, you snooze, you lose! Here is what proceeded:

From: Rachel and Tony
Is it still available? We also live in your area so we are not far away to be able to come and have a look at it if that is OK with you. I notice from the number of visits to your ad that chances are, you have been flooded with inquiries.
Here are my questions so that I may try to eliminate an unnecessary visit and waste of your time if it will not work for us either.
1. What fabric colour/choice did you select from EQ3? I was hoping to check the website. We have 4 kids and know that fabric can make or break your sofa when kids are involved :)
2. Can the extra seat be dismantled and used as a stand alone chair? The sectional may fit in our home if we are able to NOT include the extra seat.
3. Since all the questions are on the table now (or should I say sofa… lol), is there any flexibility in price? With 4 kids, Kijiji is about all we can afford at the moment! After 8 years of our tiny weenie sofa, we are dying to upgrade!
Thank you,

The original listing for the sofa was $1100. The reply I got was better than I could have imagined:

Yes there have been a lot of enquiries, but alas it is still covered up in plastic on our floor!
You can read more about the colour and fabric on the eq3 site:
Yes the seat is removable.  It is 3 pieces, a sofa, a loveseat with the right arm (if you’re looking at it) and the chair which is armless.
We’re definitely trying to minimize our losses by selling so would go down to $900.
Please let me know if you want to take a look.  Tomorrow afternoon would work.  You can call or text me.

What unfolded next was a frenzy of action. Convince my husband that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity because quite frankly, it was. Reply to the seller with a not too eager response with words to the effect that: YES! WE WANT IT! Where are you and when can we come? Arrange transportation by borrowing our father-in-law’s van. Get cash. Contain excitement just in case the deal is in fact too good to be true.

As we pull up to this gorgeous house on a coveted street in Leaside with a Land Rover in the driveway and a house that it almost twice our size, two thoughts crossed my mind. First, what did we do wrong? Second, here I am assuming the couch did not fit because it was too big but could it be that it was perhaps too small? As we enter we meet two of the most beautiful, nicest people ever with a house that could grace the pages of any house magazine. OK. Good. They do not appear to be killers! Both of us look at each other and instantly realize that we have scored BIG TIME!  The sofa is gorgeous. It is perfect, in every way. They even put felt protectors on the legs and kept all the plastic on it. What is even better is that they have the receipt and it includes a warranty! The grand total on the bill was over $2200!

So we load it all in our van,  not unlike a Tetris challenge and off we go grinning from ear to ear. You’d think we won the lottery. As soon as we get home we set it up in our living room. It fits like a glove. Literally wall to wall if we keep the single seat in. Who ever said a small room should not have big furniture?

Here is a photo of our newest addition:

IMG_1615 - Version 2

And in case you are wondering about our old IKEA Ektorp sofa, we sold it just 3 days later on Kijiji with 3 slipcovers for $250! So the new sectional really only cost us $650. Not bad!


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