my Superman

“Boy, does he ever look like Superman… I mean, Clark Kent”. These were my Dad’s words on meeting my husband for the first time when we were dating. It was a bit of a joke in our family. I already knew back then that my boyfriend/husband was and still is, one of the most good looking men on the face of this planet. Not Krypton, but Earth. Tony is Clark Kent and we all know who Clark is…

 Clark_Kent    IMG_8159

This picture (above right, just to be clear) was taken on our wedding day, May 18, 1996. Larger glasses were the style back then. The resemblance is uncanny. Because of this, Christopher Reeve will always hold a special place in my heart. Funny how glasses can date a picture. Today my husband wears modern, smaller glasses. Now, 17 years later, my husband has never looked better. He is my Superman.

Our fourth has taken a shining to Superman and living in his cape. Watching him fall in love with Superman reminds me just how lucky I am.



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