the JOB jar

the JOB jar by loopylocks
the JOB jar, a photo by loopylocks on Flickr.

Over the years, I attempted to get my kids to watch their behaviour by giving them specific consequences. Simple cause and effect stuff. Sure there have been time outs, time ins and privileges removed. Just recently I installed a “swear jar”. If they launched into a heated name exchange battle or were rude, or mean to each other (or us) I would make them pay up. But we kept running into a small problem. You see, they don’t exactly work, nor receive a regular allowance that would leave them with spare change on hand. So we would find them going into our change jar to pay for their misbehaviour!

So I have decided to shake things up and put them to work. Yup. From now on, when they break the golden rules, they get put to work. Enter “the JOB jar”. I hate to say it but now I am looking forward to them misbehaving! I could use the extra help around the house. Don’t get me wrong, the kids their fair share of help when they are asked. But it is not consistent, nor enough without me turning into a stuck record to get them to follow through.

To come up with the list, (I picked 25 to start), I thought of many of the trivial chores I do around the house that I do not particularly enjoy. This was easy enough to produce and I plan to add to the list or perhaps duplicate several that I really dislike so the odds of getting that chore increases too!

I have not put it to the test yet but will let you know if I have any success.

1.   Scrub the bathroom toilet upstairs.
2.   Scrub the bathroom toilet downstairs.
3.   Put the clean dishes in the drain board and sink away.
4.   Put your clean clothes back in your closet.
5.   Take the dirty clothes in the laundry hampers down to the laundry room.
6.   Go clean your desk of clutter.
7.   Get me 5 things that can be donated to Goodwill.
8.   Straighten all the shoes up at the front door.
9.   Sweep kitchen floor then use the hand broom to put the dirt in the garbage.
10. Put the garbage bins back after the next garbage pickup day.
11. Go and tidy up any toys in the basement rec room that are not put away.
12. Play with W for half and hour.
13. Clear away anything on the dining table and put things where they belong.
14. Clean your basket out from under the green side table in the dining room.
15. Use paper towels and Windex the glass screen door inside and out.
16. Vacuum the front door and back door mats and the rug in the living room.
17. Make any beds in the house that are not made already.
18. Use the hand broom to sweep the basement stairs.
19. Make me a cup of tea.
20. Walk through the whole house and make sure there are no lights left on.
21. Take the blue bin under the kitchen sink and put it in the big bin outside.
22. Take the blue bin in the linen closet and put it in the big blue bin outside.
23. Unload the dishwasher if it is clean or load any dirty dishes if it is dirty.
24. Go brush your teeth and hair.
25. Go take a shower.


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