halloween done cheap

Halloween mantle decorThe Raven by Edgar Allan PoetypewriterThe Ravenhalloween decorhappy halloween
pumpkin wine glassespumpkin wine glassesR.I.P.creep ghostsghost silhouetteswitch over moon paper silhouette
paper bat silhouetteschalkboard drawing for halloweenlego witchlego witchpaper silhouettespaper black cat
paper silhouettes for halloweenspider lightspooky spidershalloween entry hall decor.halloween pumpkinBoo

Halloween 2012, a set on Flickr.

Some say that the devil in in the details. I say the devil is in Pinterest. While Pinterest is in many ways liberating, inspiring and informative, it is also a place where idol minds can wreak havoc. The only problem is that there is so much stuff to look at, it makes Martha Stewart look like small potatoes. No I am not painting my pumpkin a different trendy color, nor am I going to put chevrons on it. What I am gonna do though is try to find a way to make my house look gaudy, yet cool and creepy in the the cheapest way possible.

The solution? Paper. You got it. Three sheets of bristol board, a pair of scissors and tape helped me to make more paper silhouettes than a girl knows what to do with.

Sheet 1: Haunted house on mantle mirror stylized with orange tissue (left over from a gift) for the windows and bats and a moon.

Sheet 2: Ghosts and bats for our upstair bedroom window.

Sheet 3: black cat, witch in the moon and a raven to augment a verse of Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece.

Cost $1.50! Plus $2 for the green light bulb for our front door exterior light. The rest of the decor I got from stuff I already had around the house – chalk, electrical tape, pumpkin lights I got many moons ago from Walmart for $4.77 (I don’t know why I still remember the price). Little black plastic spiders a neighbour passed on to me with the creepy hand. Even dug out a piece of my son’s Lego mini figs to add to the gaudy. Then voila… bring on the spook! Now I can “Pin” my own stuff and share it on Pinterest for other addicts when they are looking for decoration next year.


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