diy chalkboard

diy chalkboardstep 1: find an old large wood framestep 2: seal the corners of the frameBenjamin Moore Aura Exterior Semi Glossstep 3: cut & prime masonite boardstep 4: paint with chalkboard paint
step 5: let dry and paint it again (and again)step 6: get surface ready for chalkstep 7: chalkboard curing time is 1 week...chalkboardstep 8: enjoy!what i love most about home is who i share it with
R.I.P. chalkboard artBoo ya

diy chalkboard, a set on Flickr.

Watch or read anything on home decor and ultimately the subject of a chalkboard will come up. Old as the hills yet versatile like you would not believe, a chalkboard in your home can be used for anything from: a menu, inspirational quote, spooky drawing for Halloween or a TTD list.

Here is my attempt to make a chalkboard on the cheap. I was lucky to acquire the frame from a relative who was ready to pass it on. The cost of the whole project came in at under $20:

Frame – free.
Masonite/hardboard – $8 from Home Depot. (FYI – had to buy a 4 x 8 sheet which was regularly $16 but asked to buy a damaged piece knowing my measurements so got it for half price. HD are pretty good at giving discounts if you ask).
Primer – any later primer can work. I had grey primer on hand.
Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint (semi gloss latex) white paint – $4 for a “used” quart from Habitat for Humanity
Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint – $23 from Home Depot.
Chalk – $2 from the dollar store.


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