word choice

We have special ground rules about word choice in our family. Each family has their own rules about what words are OK and what words are unacceptable. For us, it is expected that you choose your words wisely, or else there will be consequences! For example, you may only say the word “stupid” if it is not living. That includes not using it to describe any human, mammal, reptile, animal, insect, bug, plant or fruit for that matter… if it can grow, it deserves respect.

Knock yourself out if it is a book, rock, car, idea… etc. that hits you in the head, drops on your toe, nearly runs you over, or is just plain silly.

I think we all grew up with some version of the saying: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me”. I have learned that words can leave far deeper scars than any bump or bruise.


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