make your own cereal

You will need:

  • an old empty cereal box
  • wrapping paper (preferably from your brother’s birthday that just passed)
  • pencil, colours and tape
  • a 7 year old with a creative imagination

This is my youngest’s latest creation. She has a fettish for boxes that are ready for recycling. At first she used to ask for help. Finding no willing participants, she has now taken matters into her own hands. I like an independent child. Especially one who can make her own cereal.  The dog reference is simply a poke at her mother and father who refuse to entertain the thought of a family pet.


3 Replies to “make your own cereal”

  1. isabella’s cereal looks utterly delicious…and what a flare for packaging design. I think she should start designing book covers!

    amazing…great site!


  2. great job…I have a puppy and two kittens that I’m sure would love to munch on these…They look like they would be low-carb so I could do them too! xoxo


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