back to school

We are back in Toronto. Feels good to be home. Spent the entire last week of summer sick with colds. Small price to pay for great health and a great summer in Barbados. Today is Labour Day. Tomorrow is back to school. Talking of labour, still feels like yesterday. Now, each of my three kids will be in three separate schools. How did that happen? All I know is that the adjustment might be a little awkward at first. Like this picture. Makes sense but seems upside down for some strange reason.

Having spent an entire summer with my kids every single day I should be elated. Or should I? They have been my little friends. My little foes. But mostly, my little heartbeats for the summer. I have so enjoyed my time with them. All the things they experienced, many for the first time in Barbados. Sailing on the ocean. Witnessing baby turtles make their way to the sea. A mother turtle laying eggs. Snorkeling on a ship wreck. Diving. Reconnecting with cousins they had forgotten. And the list goes on… All good. Great actually.


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