sisters in the sand

Caught my daughters holding hands on the beach as we walked towards Hilton beach for a swim. Exactly four years apart, they are both strong willed, determined girls. For the most part, they get along pretty well. When they are good, they are great. When they are off, beware. Both these lions can roar. They just celebrated their 7th and 11th birthdays here in Barbados.

Seeing them holding hands reminded me of the days when I grew up close to this very beach with my older sister. Looking at the footprints, I would be the one on the right with the water shoes on (my youngest). My sister is much more of a free spirit. This summer I am trying to learn the art of going barefoot more often. My daughters remind me daily that sometimes a bit of both is a good thing.


One Reply to “sisters in the sand”

  1. That was lovely!! It’s amazing what our kids remind us of, watching them grow up!!! I know N would remember those childhood beach days too!! Very happy that you got a chance to share those Barbados moments with your kids :-)


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