journey to the sea

On Saturday night, we got a small taste of nature’s magic. Something we had never seen before. To call it spectacular would be an understatement. Thanks to a tip off by a passing tourist on the beach, we were told that baby sea turtles were being launched into the ocean in front of Coconut Court Beach Hotel on the South Coast of Barbados. So we walked down the beach with the kids in pitch darkness to be a part of something larger than life.

Witnessing 114 baby hawksbill sea turtles make their first journey to the sea was truly amazing. In the rush to head down the beach we forgot our camera. My youngest daughter drew this to record the experience.

Her detail is amazing. The man at the top carried a flash light and explained to everyone what life as a hawksbill turtle is like. Their chances of survival are slim. The ocean contains many predators from sea life to pollution that make their life a gamble for survival. The squiggly lines represent the waves washing up the shore of the beach path. At several points, the turtles would make it almost to the sea only to be washed back by a small wave. People lined either side of the path to the ocean. The lady at the top had a camera and a flashlight. Lucky her. Lucky me for having a daughter to draw a picture like this. She’s the one at the bottom in the dress with a smile.


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