home at last

Growing up in Barbados, many of my early years were spent living either next to the ocean, or very close. It was not uncommon to have a crab sneak in the house, or have crabs scurrying about in the back yard. Today I found this crab. He was quietly, yet hastily making his way across the floor on the verandah in hopes of making it back to the beach. I think he got upstairs in a bucket of shells the kids collected. Looking at him, he reminded me of what it is like to be a Cancerian.

July being the month of the Cancerian (June 22 to July 22), my daughters and I are all born in this month. While they are both Leos, I am most definitely a Cancerian. One of the water signs, Cancerians tend to be very protective and like being at home. The shell imagery makes perfect sense to me. We are tough when we are ready but also quite vulnerable and easily hurt. While I appear hard on the outside at times, make no mistake, I am soft under that shell. We are known to be the least predictable of the signs. When situations arise, like a crab, we can side step things. But we do get to where we need to be eventually.

After I took the photo, I walked to the edge and hurled him back to the ocean. Home at last.


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