Harry Potter via Skype

bedtime Skype

Spending the summer in Barbados with the kids involves quite a few changes to our normal daily routine. As any parent can attest, bedtime routines can be a big deal. One ritual which has been running for the last year involves my husband reading morsels of Harry Potter to the kids before bedtime. Currently on the fourth installment, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my husband promised to keep up with the tradition by Skyping while he is back in Toronto. If you have not already heard of Skype, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s free and makes the world a better place. Even though we miss each other, Skype has allowed us to stay connected and feel like we are all together. All hail Skype!

Here are our ingredients for a successful Skype bedtime:

  1. Make kids brush their teeth and get ready for bed.
  2. Make kids get IN to bed and all comfy.
  3. The rule is no fooling around if they want storytime.
  4. Get laptop (preferably) and put it somewhere at the foot of the bed, angling the screen so the reader can see them.
  5. Start a Skype call. Note – Having a webcam is a must. This way, the kids can see their Dad and he can see when they are sleeping.
  6. Voila! Start reading Harry Potter…

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