blue skies smiling at me

Alas, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging daily. I have been busy getting summer plans in order. This summer I am doing something I have not done since ’92. I am spending the entire summer in my hometown of beautiful Barbados. A lot has changed in 17 years. For one, I will not be alone. I will be joined by my three kids who are absolutely ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be? Our last family trip to Barbados was 3 1/2 years ago for Christmas. Even that is long for me.

As for my loopylocks shop, I will enlist my husband on shipping duty in Toronto. Sadly, he will only make it down to join us for two of those weeks. In the meantime, I plan on posting from the sunny south coast of Barbados. Stay tuned… nothing but blue skies do I see.


2 thoughts on “blue skies smiling at me

  1. Heather says:

    Yeah!!! I found your blog – when I was searching for fellow crafters in Ontario on Etsy. I love your blog and hope you have a fabulous time in Barbados – please share pictures when you return. You are so lucky!!!


  2. loopylocks says:

    Thanks, Heather. I hope to blog while in Barbados so check back from time to time over the summer and you might just see a few photos! Have a great summer yourself. Cheers, Rachel


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