a daughter’s eye

I took my eldest daughter for her first official eye exam. I am amazed by the technology eye doctors use today.

Part of the exam involved the doctor taking a digital closeup of her eye for his records. That way he can track the changes in her eyes over the years. OHIP covers an annual eye exam for all children until the age of 19. I highly recommend it for the sheer thrill of it.

The picture naturally does not do justice to her. She has stunning eyes. More green than hazel. But I think you can see for yourself.

The doctor also confirmed much to my delight that no two eyes are ever the same. Nor should they be. It made me very proud of my loopylocks eyes.

A little background to this picture… I have three children and took each of them for this appointment on separate trips so they could each have their own day off and we could spend some one-on-one time together. On the first visit with my youngest daughter, I was blown away when I saw her eye appear on screen. On the second visit, when it was my son’s turn, I decided I would ask the doctor his permission to take a photo of his photo. But I did not get the nerve up to follow through with it. So the image above was when I took my third child and finally asked the question.


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