33 users call loopylocks a favourite on Etsy

If you already know the ins and outs of how Etsy works, feel free to ignore my pending rant on how fantastic Etsy is and skip to the last paragraph to find out why I care that 33 users call loopylocks a favourite. For those of you who are not familiar with “Favorites” then I urge you to read on.

When you create an account on Etsy, you are allowed to do many wonderful things. You can:Β  “buy & sell all things handmade” or vintage, window shop for eye candy, look for inspiration, or do all of the above.

I happen to fall into that last category. I am the first to admit that I am an addict. In fact, there is even a blog dedicated to my condition, named none other than Etsy Addicts. I am yet to join but am seriously thinking about it.

One feature which I really like is Etsy’s “Favorites”, or “Favourites” (depending on where you are from). This unique tool allows you to flag items and/or shops that you really like. Why? So you can check back on those items to see if they are still available (yeah), or sold (boo hoo). It sure is handy. It encourages you to (a) be a great Etsy shopper, (b) show off a bit about your personality to others since they can see your favourites too, (c) act as a form of therapy since it always encourages a happy feeling to emerge, or (d) all of the above. Again, I fall into the last category!

On principle, I like to flag shops as favourites if I have bought or sold from them, or if they have given me nice feedback in the “Forums”. Forums are one of Etsy’s online community tools to connect buyers and sellers together. They hold a myriad of good information and advice for anyone interested in selling or buying. So adding other sellers shops as favourites is my small way of paying it forward.

It is no secret I have a thing for the number 33. So when I saw that 33 people “Hearts Me”, I took this as a positive sign. I hope to have many more than 33 users calling loopylocks a favourite in the future. However, this little milestone only comes around once so I wanted to share it with you now.


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