nana’s thread

This post was the first entry when I started my loopylocks blog. 

When I was five, Nana made me a lovely little dress for one of my dolls. It was a brown dress that had a little lace detail around the neck. The fabric was really soft. Maybe cotton. That dress had the tiniest stitches I had ever seen. Nana had a Singer manual tabletop sewing machine. She was always cautious when we watched her doing work at the sewing machine. She would tell us about a time when she was little. She was curious watching her Mum sew and by accident put her finger too close to the needle and it went right through the top of her nail. I don’t think that was a true story. Maybe she wanted to scare us from touching her machine. Nana died in 2004. The thread I saved from being tossed in the garbage as it is likely all rotten, having never been used in many years and sitting in the Barbados heat of their home, Tremont. I never thought in 2004 that I would be sewing today. The thread stayed in a box in storage and I stumbled across it while looking for something else. I look at Nana’s thread at least once a day and am thankful that she nurtured in me from a young age, the love of handmade things.



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