100 things i love…

100 things i love... A to Z

a full fridge, art, award shows, babies, blogs, bean burritos, blueberries, books, bread, calypso, cards, cheese, chocolate, Christmas trees, clean sheets, clothes, coffee, cookies, cotton, cou cou, crafts, curry, dancing, dinner I did not have to cook, duvets, eggs, email, fabric, fall, family, fern, first snowfall, fish, flowers, fonts, funny people, garlic, granola, home, home décor, honey, hotels, hummus, ice cream, intelligent people, internet,  jeans, jewelry, kites, laughing, libraries, magazines, marmalade, milk, movies, museums, music, news, nuts, oatmeal, older people, pasta, patties, perfume, pies, quiet, raspberries, reading, reggae, restaurants, rice and peas, romantic evenings, rotis, rum, running, salads, sand, sea, sewing, shoes, sleeping, soup, spring, strawberries, summer, sunny days, suntanning, taking hot showers, tea, toys, travelling, tv, university, videos on You Tube, water, window shopping, wine, x’s and o’s, yogurt, zebras


One Reply to “100 things i love…”

  1. Interesting! A few things I love… A clean bedroom, animals,hair buns,Chevrolet cars,dancing,French toast, jeans,KoolAid,laughing,meatballs,mirrors,money,MySpace,my husband,notebooks,olives,reading,silence,sneakers,swimming,television,texting,vacuuming,


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