no more excuses

There are two things I don’t do: ice skate or ride a bike. Not knowing how to ice skate when you live in Canada is like treason. I have always slipped by using the excuse: I was born and raised in Barbados, why should I? I have skated three times in my life, none of them with much success. Yes I can ride but I don’t own a bike. In fact, the last time I rode was on a rental bike at Stanley Park, B.C. 19 years ago. It does not help that my husband is an avid biker, weekly hockey player and my kids nag constantly that I am no fun. Not any more….

no more excuses

Out of the grace of my generous neighbour who is moving house. Voila! One lady’s trash = another lady’s treasure. Now what on earth am I gonna do with no more excuses?


One Reply to “no more excuses”

  1. That’s right, no more excuses!!!! Mommy is no longer a drag!!! I hope to witness you riding your new bike real soon!!!

    Hugs, Karen


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