33Call it numerology, superstition or downright silly, the number 33 has always been positive for me. Whether I am heading through the door, driving in the car, or making an important decision, when I see a clock (yes, digital) the time is always :33 minutes passed the hour. It always puts me at ease that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Like a little pat on the back.

On my 33rd birthday I decided to return to the city of Toronto with my husband and 3 young kids after giving the suburbs a go. As we walked through the doors of our current home, I immediately knew it felt right. I turned around in the living room to look outside, staring me in the face was the address of the house across the street: 33.

Part of the delay in launching on Etsy has been in deciding on the right price for loopylocks. How do you put a price on something you lovingly created? Parting with each doll feels like saying goodbye to a loved one for good.

So if you are wondering why 33? Now you know. Wish me luck!

Here is my 33 board on Pinterest (just in case you share a similar fetish).

Photo notes: Taken by my Mum on her trip to Perth, Australia to visit my sister. When she saw this sign she thought of me. Thanks, Mum xox


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