my hand crafted comb

I keep this lovely comb on a ledge in my shower to comb my own loopylocks.  A gift from my cousin, Jo, who got it from a neat old shop in New York called C. O. Bigelow Apothecaries.  It is the oldest known pharmacy in America and while I have never been myself, I am told by Jo that it is a real treat to visit.

Back to my comb…  it has been in my shower for over a year now. Not once had I given much thought to the little note that sits on the upper right hand side. “Hand Crafted”.  Now I get the power of a subliminal message. Thanks, Jo!

This comb is made by Creative. The one I have is a C8.


One Reply to “my hand crafted comb”

  1. I hadn’t noticed that little note on my comb either, and I look at it everyday. How strange! Anyways, I’m glad that you still like your comb and that you use it on your loopy locks! Jo x


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