loopylocks v3.0

loopylocks v3.0

The hair was clearly an issue. “Red” was my first attempt at trying to use cording to make her hair. Then came “Orange” (3.1). This time I used more cording. Better.. but too short, a little like a lion.

“Brown” (3.2) was closer to what I wanted.

This is beginning to sound a lot like “Goldilocks”. Incidentally, it was “Red” that inspired the name for loopylocks. As I looped the cording to shape her hair, the name just came into my head like serendipity. As for the freckles… they were the brain child of my kids, who felt loopylocks needed some more pizazz. I thought it only fitting that with three kids of my own, loopylocks needed three freckles on each cheek. That way, every time I paint a face, I think of my kids. They have just officially become my focus group and research team!

loopylocks v3.0 asleep


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